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The Law In A Flash Complete First Year Outline Pack is a MUST for first year law students. The First Year Pack includes: Civil Procedure I, Civil Procedure II, Contracts, Criminal Law, Real Property, and Torts!

We have searched the web and found the coolest legal websites around


  • Dismissed Law Student - one of the coolest legal sites around!
  • My Professor Sucks.com - I wish this site was around when I was in school! Rate any professor from any school.
  • GadLaw.com -  A great site with a ton of information on hot-button legal issues such as the death penalty, sex-offenders and the patriot act.
  • Law Blogs - WSJ.com  - Commentary and analysis of issues surrounding law and business, from The Wall Street Journal.
  • Law Professor  Blogs - Provides news, information and resources for law school professors by law school professors.
  • The Blogs of Law -  Provides a comprehenive directory of law blogs.
  • USLaw.com Law Blog Directory USLaw.com tracks over 1,000 of the best law blogs (blawgs), keeping you current on legal opinion and news on matters effecting every area of US and International Law.



  • Listen to LawTalk -
    by Indiana University on the subjects of U.S. Constitution, Business Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law. (RealPlayer required)

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